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- Are you unsure about the transition from your career to retirement?

- Have you already done your bucket list and wondering what's next?  

As a qualified retirement coach, I am here to help 

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do
Mark Twain

As a Professional Retirement Coach, I will help you plan for this exciting next phase of your life in a way that provides you with enjoyment, fulfilment and a new sense of identity and purpose for your future. Above all, I want you to live a no-regrets retirement.

Most people plan ahead for years to cover the financial side, but most do not have a clear picture of actually how they will live their next chapter.  Without a plan, making the transition into retirement can be challenging as your work identity may be a big part of who you are, and it can be difficult to let go of that identity and the work routine when you retire. You may need to find new ways to define yourself and find purpose in your life.

If you are:

  • approaching retirement and a bit anxious about the future
  • already retired and wondering “is this all there is?” 
  • puzzling over an other work role in something you are passionate about

I can help you develop a personalised lifestyle retirement plan: one that looks beyond the just financials to encompass all areas of your life covering the mental, social, physical, and emotional aspects of life after work.

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The life-centred approach allows me to work closely with your existing advisors to support them in providing a truly holistic vision for your future.

We are a fee-based business: pre-agreed and based on the services we provide you.