Coaching Sessions

To start with, I offer a complimentary 30-minute session to discuss your needs and make sure our service is a good fit.

Our work together takes place either in person or by zoom over the course of six sessions. Each session will generally last between 90 minutes and two hours.

The aim is to develop a comprehensive Lifestyle Retirement Plan for you over the course of two months.



In between our coaching sessions, we will ask you to complete some thought-provoking exercises.

These exercises have been carefully designed to help you to reflect deeply about what is important to you in the future and discover where your future enjoyment lies.

What you can expect

The areas covered are varied: some exercises are soul-searching and some are fun-filled but the results are clear: a big picture of your future.

We will explore areas such as: 

  • Replacing your career identity
  • Identifying your Core Values
  • Evoking Visions of the Future
  • Finding your Retirement Ikigai (new purpose)
  • Adopting the Flourishing Formula  (PERMA)

The Outcome: Your Retirement Lifestyle Plan

As a result of our work together, you will have a written plan to help your move towards retirement with confidence and clarity.


We offer a free 30-minute virtual meeting or telephone call for you 
to find out more about our service.